About Caz

CazI am a Melbourne-based children’s author. I write picture books, novels, poetry and junior fiction. I am passionate about encouraging children’s interest in and love of reading. I’m also the Assistant Regional Adviser (Victoria) for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).




We have two dogs. Possum (the oldest) is white and fluffy and well-behaved. Our puppy Godzilla is black, boisterous, cheeky and lots of fun.



We’ve had fish, dogs, a guinea-pig, a hamster and a turtle. The dogs always survive the longest in our house and are my favourite animals.



I have learnt the violin, piano, drums, clarinet, guitar, singing and cello, but I’m best at the piano (and pretty bad at all the rest).



I love eating but hate cooking.  I adore chocolate, ice-cream and apples, but not all together.



I enjoy reading, writing, all kinds of music, watching movies and plays, laughing and travelling.



I love writing. It’s fun using my imagination to create interesting characters and stories. And unlike real life, I can be in complete control of what happens, except for the occasional naughty character who will run off and do something totally unexpected. I write picture books, short stories, novels and poetry for children.


Scary stuff

I went Bungy-jumping in New Zealand. That was pretty scary. Once when I was in Eastern Europe, I was thrown off a train at 3am by gun-wielding customs officers. Apparently my visa wasn’t valid. I was able to get on another train six hours later after giving the customs officers most of my money.